Tell us your favorite card!

As we have previously announced, we will be adopting the Wanderer Format from the upcoming 1st set of the Hero Cluster. We want the players to enjoy the game and the format, but as many has pointed out, they are unable to get their hands on the older cards.

Hence, we would like to conduct a survey to find out what are the cards that you love the most! We hope to include them as Promo Cards or reprints in future sets so that every player will have a chance to get them.

In addition, we have included some questions in the survey so that we can provide better support to our players.

Listed below are the questions for the survey which will be conducted between 10 to 17 June 2022.

Please ensure that you have entered the correct official English name for the cards in the survey, and that you have only selected one card per question.

Player’s Information (Required)

On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate the following (Required):
(1 – Strongly disagree, 5 - Strongly agree)

- Upon the release of every set, I would form a deck based around the set.

- I enjoy the intellectual competiton with my opponents during the game.

- I love the Japanese artwork on the cards

- I love to analyze and learn from my mistakes during post-game reviews.

- The game is easy for new players to pick up.

- I love to collect unique rarities of cards.

- I love interacting with other Force of Will players.

Thank you for your time in particiapting the survey. We will take your views into consideration in future product developments.