Episode 93 - Visitors of the Divine World-In the case of Alice

An unfamiliar moon is floating in the sky. Looking at it, I wonder why this happened. I'm sure I have a habit of getting involved in any troubles always, but I was completely involved in this Valhalla as well.

"Alice! It's a guest! Something strange, they are like smoky people-!"

I can hear Pricia's voice.


In the first place, there shouldn't be many people who can come here. Alice recalled the various people she had met, as well as everything that had happened up until now. The battle between Grimm and Cthulhu, the decisive battle with Lapis at Attoractia, the battle with Alhama'at, and the battle of Kaguya's time spinning and Reiya who confronted it, although she could only see it at the end.

The history of the current Re-Earth was reorganized by Kaguya's time spinning, and a new history was spun out. Many souls have reincarnated and are now living in peace. Attoractia also regenerated with Yggdrasil as part of the Re-Earth. Grimm and Lumia are in Re-Earth now, and Valentina and Machina are not kings but living peacefully as human beings. Since we were outside the influence of the time spinning, we were not taken into the reincarnation, and while we have memories of the past, we are now watching Re-Earth from the blue star. Given that, who can come here? Maybe it was an enemy from the outside. I am immediately put on edge, out of habit.

"Maybe they are your friend!"

Pricia was optimistic, in contrast to where I found my mind settling. From Pricia's point of view, most people are her friends, and the expressions are sensuous and vague. In the first place, what are the smoky people? Pricia always forgets that there are things that should not be involved in the world after experiencing various battles. That's one of Pricia's strengths, but this time I had a terrible premonition.


Schrodinger ran toward the voice of Pricia so as to answer my thoughts. Schrodinger, will you go see for me? The Cat from Dark Alice used to not like me at all, but he has become kind and responds to me now. 

"Mew, Mew, Mew!"

Suddenly, I heard Schrodinger's screaming. I hurried to the voice, I wonder if there was something with the visitors, but by the time I got there, they had disappeared, as had Schrodinger. Why would they take him? Why now? 

"I have to chase him.... Pricia, stay home and I will be back!"

"What about the guests?"

"Pricia! You should not trust people you don't know! You don't listen! Do you understand !?"

"I don't really get it, but I understand!"

"That's not really…. fine"

I told myself that it was okay because Faria is with Pricia and I decided to use the power of Dark Alice to follow Schrodinger. Now that the remnants of existence are strong, and with my power now, I should be able to chase after him. Once we get back, we can have a tea party. Such a sweet thought.

I leap through the dimension following Schrodinger. It was far away yet, I felt like I was returning to a nostalgic place. It feels like it's flowing back to the source of our world. That’s when I noticed, I was lit by the moonlight of another world.

"Where is this?"

It was a mysterious world. It's more complicated than any other world I've ever been to, and it seems to include everything ... such a world. Suddenly there was a strange rabbit in front of me. A very Weird rabbit. That felt important, so I said it twice in my heart.

"It’s very rude to call someone a Weird Rabbit when you first meet.”

Apparently, I said that part out loud involuntarily when reciting it in my mind.

"I'm sorry. Well, I'm Alice, where am I, Mr. Rabbit?"

"I don't need flattery. I know you Alice, because when I went to" that world ", I remembered all the powerful things you did. My name is Atom."

"You’ve been to my world? Then, did you take Kaguya?"

"Yes, and yes"

"Well, then, this is Valhalla."

"Where did you hear that name?"

I only heard the name from Lapis, so I just had to guess, but is this Valhalla? Regardless, the urgent task is to find out everything about this world. To do that, I have to talk to this strange rabbit, Atom.

"That's ... well, the story is going to be long, and for the time being ... why don't you have a cup of tea?"

"SURPRISE!!! I've been waiting! There is so much food to eat!"

It was Ayu who jumped out of nowhere.

"A Tea party? A strange visitor has come, and you want to party?."

"Weird rabbit, be careful, I can hear your heart."

With the lively tea party starting, the events of Valhalla slowly begin to move.

"Well, that's what it is. It's become a grand story."

Now, let's review the story I heard from Atom at the tea party. This world called Valhalla now has ten powers, each of which is eager to take control. And the key is the returnees from another world. The reason for the returnees is that the worlds other than this is a world derived from the original Valhalla in the first place. It seems that our world is no exception. Valhalla, where the gods gathered, has disappeared. Then, the ten powers called the main gods were derived into the ten worlds, and the power of the gods fell asleep in each world. It is said that only this small world (now called Valhalla here) remains, and those who have gained a part of the power of God are beginning to return to this world.

"That's why you took Kaguya. I see. It was the power of God, time spinning ... what a ridiculous power."

"That's right. One day 100 years ago, a returnee appeared in this world. A vampire who appeared from a big hole called The Abyss. She called herself Oborozuki and suddenly upset the power balance of this world. We needed the presence of a returnee with the power of God, and I went to look for someone with God's power to counter it. Fortunately, It was helpful to find someone that released the power of god, Atom says unabashedly.

"I'm not fortunate. My world was a big nuisance because of its power ..."

"My Lord God would say that if it's over, then everything is fine."

"What kind of god ... well, whatever.  The reason I came to this world is to look for Schrodinger. It's a weird cat, but you must have seen it when you were scouting, right? I'm sure it is in the world, but it’s power must be weak now, so I can't track it anymore. "

Atom thinks.

"I don't know such a strange cat, but ..."


"Maybe something from another force went to a scout in search of power and the cat got caught in it."

Certainly, Pricia used to describe the visitor as smoky. It can also be taken to mean that it is unfamiliar. But then maybe she really meant smoky, after all…..I know some strange creatures.

"Atom. Is there a unknown force in Valhalla? A place where where would be “smoky” beings?"

"Ah… It must be in the Forest of the Lost. Those guys are incorporeal."

"I see ... I understand, thank you."

"Did you understand? Really?"

"Yes, I need to stay with you here in this world for the time being. Thank you again!"

"Good grief..."

Meanwhile, around that time. A figure emerged in the darkness of the moon. The jet-black vampire has revived after 100 years.

"Finally free, after 100 years. Well let’s see, my power sealed by that wind magician is ... about 10%, not bad, should be enough."

Her name is Oborozuki. She is the one who brought back the power of God from one of the ten worlds. However, in the stagnant land of The Abyss, her atmosphere was not stagnant darkness, but clear darkness. No one yet knows what her eyes, with her determination and conviction, are looking at.

"It seems that I woke up at the right time. I feel the return of the power. The returnees from the ten worlds are coming. I will be ready soon. The rest depends on" him", but how about Loki?"

The moon was quietly watching over Valhalla now.

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