Episode 88 - Far to the future (Gill’s story)

10,000 years have passed in this world since the battle of the Witch

"Hey, tell me another story!” A voice calls out

The voice came from Lunya, a girl living in the neighborhood. For some reason she is always surrounded by wolves, who have taken a liking to her. She is loved by everyone in the City and is often called the Werewolf Girl. At her core she was truly honest, and despised lying



"Lunya, it's almost time to go home" Scheherazade scolded

"Well, you didn't tell many stories today, and its not ok to lie, especially not to these children!”

"Fine, but just one more, and then we have to leave"

"Yay!” Lunya cheered and quickly sat back down with her wolves.

The children who were with Lunya also cheered at the same time. There were Pandas, mermaids, dragons, and humans all huddled together to listen to her stories, as all races were able to peacefully coexist in this world. Scheherazade opened her story book. The ancient book, with an unknown author, told all the stories from the beginning of the world. Every time the book was opened, they could feel a wind blowing from the inside. They wondered if it was an illusion, or maybe something else...

"Then, let's talk about the guardian, who will always appear when the world is in danger. His name is……"

Attoractia is a city at the foot of Yggdrasil, a huge tree that is said to be 10,000 years old. It was a paradise of all life and a city of tourism. Yggdrasil is believed to be the place where the souls of those who pass on return, and it is a widespread belief that those who pass on can be reborn through the tree’s power




"I'm late, I'm so late!” A girl mutters to herself, “I’m going to get scolded by Machina!”

The girl is rushing through the center of the city but in her haste misses a bump in the road and begins to fall flat on her face. However, she is caught at the last second by a woman who appeared out of nowhere beside her, almost like a beast sprinting through a forest. The woman helped the girls to stand

"Sorry, I don't know who you are, but thank you!” Mariabella gratefully told the girl. 

"Are you okay?” The woman asked

"Yes, I’m fine! I can’t really get hurt anyway. Ever since I was born, I haven’t even been sick!  Anyway, I’m sorry but I’m in a hurry and need to get back. If you want, feel free to come to our workshop later! You would be more than welcome!”!”

"Ok, thank you for the offer Mariabella, but I also have to go, give my best regards to Machina! “ The woman spoke as she began to turn away

“I will!” Mariabella called after her as she walked away. Mariabella turned and began running of to the workshop again, but she wondered under her breath “Did I ever say Machiana’s name? How did she know….”

A white swordsman appears from the shadow and joins the woman walking down the street

"Pricia, are you done? “ The swordsman asks

"Yeah, Faria, I just wanted to see it with my own eyes. How was the light palace?” Pricia asked 

"It was peaceful, but I helped Pandora emerge from the time between her marriage to Grimm and the end. It took a lot out of me, so I came to get you early.” Faria answered

"Hhh, that was terrible, but I’m glad you were able to help!"

"As am I, now let’s be off.”

"You got it!”

The two left the city and went to the ancient ruins far from Attoractia. Waiting for them was a guardian who had defended the world for 10,000 years and to this day was willing to keep fighting. His name was Gill Lapis.




"Lapis, are you here?” Faria called out

"Greeting! ... Faria, Pricia, it's been a while," Lapis responded as he came down from his home in the ruins

"You remember us? We haven’t ever met before!” Pricia asked as she tilted her head in confusion

"No, we haven’t met, but I have heard from my Mother what happened in the future of this world, and the outside worlds as well, so I know about you. I thought I would joke by saying that, did it sound ironic?” Gill lapis 

"Mmm, I hate talking to this guy!"  Pricia grumbled as she puffed herself

"Sorry, Pricia" Lapis responded

"Well, no, but … ummm…” Pricia deflates as she wasn’t expecting the apology.

Faria, ignoring Pricia, began to speak. “ Lapis, we also have seen this world from the outside as it was freed from the time spinning curse and started to regenerate. The 10,000 years passed rapidly and Yggdrasil was supposed to regenerate the souls of those who were lost and heal the world. Lapis, we also were able to watch as you defended this world during that time "

"Thank you" Lapis bowed his head in appreciation.

"But there are some that didn't come back. Your mother stayed in this world after she saved it, but hasn’t been reborn. The soul of Scheherezade and the others were reincarnated back into the world, But Fiethsing and Kaguya didn't come back. Not only that but it seems like for most people they respond as if those two never existed in the first place. Do you know why that is?

"Sadly, I can speculate sadly. My mother could not be a part of the reincarnation because she spent her power and was not a part of this world. As for the other two, I couldn't recognize them when I heard the story, But my mother said they couldn't be part of the reincarnation of this world because of being so close to the time spinning magic. I do wonder though if they may have returned to a completely different world.

"Return to another world?” Pricia wondered aloud, still not quite sure if she understood any of it. 

"There is a world that is the source of the Time Spinning power, so they could have ended up there.”

"Is there a way to get there?" Faria asked, stiffening up as if suddenly called to action

"Why? What would you want to do?” Lapis asked

"I just… I just want to say thank you to them,” Faria answered, looking away sheepishly

"I've tried it a few times myself, but to be honest I don’t know. At the very least, it would be impossible without a strong connection to that particular world. " 

"I see. Would your Mother have such a connection, or know someone who would?”

"Mom didn't tell me clearly. I think she was aware of it purely because of the world she did against the Time Spinning Witch. She did tell me the name of the world, and wanted me to not get involved with it if at all possible.” Lapis thought for a moment, then continued,” The world is called…