Episode 6 - The False Red Moon, Little Dread

Far above the clouds, the Tower of Despair rose up to the Castle in Heaven.

Running about within the tower was a girl that wore a red hood.

The glint of her eyes shined out like a wolf hunting prey, and the sunlight through the window brightened her as if she were sprayed in fresh blood.

“Hahaha…..I never imagined this would happen. This looks unreal, Grimm.”


While she was traveling with Grimm, she thought that she was the real “Little Red” and that she was seriously trying to save the world.

The force of her lie had led her to believe this, but at this moment she still doesn’t completely remember it.

The Tower of Despair was created by “Great Old Ones” and their relatives as a means to march unto the Castle in Heaven during the mighty battle of a thousand years past.

There are two driving forces of the tower: one is the supernatural power of the Magic Stone, and the other is the desperation of the human heart, as indicated by the name of the Tower of Despair.

The girl had sealed Grimm within the book world and at the same time, she locked Pandora away and took her despair. Pandora had lost Grimm and was locked away in a room inside the Tower of Despair. The power of her own grief was then taken as a source of energy for the tower.

“Well then, maybe from here.”

After saying that, she emerged at the top of the tower.

From the top, she had a clear view of the magic circle to be used for a ritual. Until now, she was not able to see the Castle in Heaven at all from the earth, but now, she could see it in the sky clearly. She moved into the magic circle and unleashed her powers. The powers of magic within the tower began to gather around the highest spire.

“Profound despair! Guide me to Refarth, the Castle in Heaven, the sky with the crimson moon.”

Just as the magic powers of the tower had become concentrated on her, an abyssal light drew a path extending toward the Castle in Heaven. And after the light had reached the castle, silence descended all around and she was no longer on the tower anymore.

“Hahaha…..You greet me so soon. I wonder how many years have passed already.”

She arrived at the castle and talked to the Girl in Red that was awaiting her.

“At last, you finally came here. But I’ve been waiting for this moment. Return to me my place, and my story.”

“Your world, yeah, it means nothing for me now, but I will never….return to you.”

“What is that supposed to mean? Just who are you?”

“Hahaha…. I am…At this moment, I can’t yet describe exactly who I am.

That’s right, do you know when you tell a lie who the first person you have to deceive is?”

“What are you getting at?”

She laughed at the Girl in Red audaciously.

“The first person is yourself. If you deceive yourself, a lie is no longer a lie. So, a lie becomes closest to the truth. A real lie is not told but possessed.

I myself had been possessed by a lie and continued to fool the world as Little Red.

But soon I’ll stop deceiving. When Grimm defeated Dracula, the lie within me that I was Little Red was finally set free.

As if unlocking a door with a key, a lie is programed to be set free by a kind of trigger.

From now on, I have to release the lies that I have been withholding one by one.

And this Castle in Heaven is one of the keys for the release of my lies.”

After saying that, she donned the shape of a wolf and forced a standoff against the Girl in Red.


“And so….To release the 799 remaining lies that are attached to me, you are going to have to die here.”

“Don’t mess with me. I’m the real Little Red and you’re the fake. The truth is that there is only one, and that’s enough.”

“If you are so intent on being called Little Red, then it would only be befitting that I take the name of Little Dread.

Hey wait, why is my body so red?

Maybe it’s because I’m such a blazing liar.

Hahaha…..For real.”

“Nonsense! There is no way I’ll lose to you!”

“Only one truth and boundless lies. Well, which will win?”

Far away from the place at which the two girls of red face each other, the crimson moon shined down as if it were keeping watch on the coming battle.