Episode 158 - Start of Operation

Hyde dropped down to the seven stars.



Her role was to serve and protect her master. But one day, her master was murdered, and she regretted her lack of power. She left her village to seek revenge, but in the end, she never found the murderer. Looking back now, revenge was not what her master wanted either. She realized that this desire was nothing more than self-satisfaction born of her own weak heart. “Find something to protect even if I am gone,” her master had said.


The first four people to enter the seven stars were just as Brad had said, and one by one, they split apart like meteors. He said that those entering this world look like meteors from the inside. Meteors are set up in this world as the thing that gives them magical powers. Hence, it would be possible to make contact with someone right away.


The place where Hyde landed was around a lake. There was a king there who felt like someone of pure heart and power, like her former master. She opens her mouth.

“I am Tina. What is your name? You have a strong sense of power. And you have good eyes that believe in righteousness. Come with me....... I want to save this world, and I'm going to Yggdrasil to do it."


Ahead of Tina's pointing,Hyde saw a huge tree. And so began the game called warfare.