Episode 157 - Allocation meeting

Aristella and his nine comrades had assembled in front of the round table.

"We will divide our forces into two for the liberation of the legacy of the two stars. But we also need to defend the Reunion, so in reality, there will be three groups. Of course, because we all need to participate in the final battle, we all need to get back safely.

"How would you assign us? What is the status of the two satellites?"

Reinhardt asks anxiously.

"I'll explain it to you."

Brad begins to speak.

“The two stars are called Crimson Moon's Battleground and the Seven Stars, respectively. In the ancient battlefield of the crimson moon lies the power of fairy tales. The crimson moon in the sky itself is a legacy. Only Aristella can master the power of this fairy tale. The goal is for Aristella to contact the crimson moon and draw out the power of legacy. Here, I want Aristella me, and one more person."

“If the goal is to make contact with the crimson moon, a short battle is best. I'll go."

Elektra raises her hand.


They don't just stand there and watch, you know Ryzenn?

"Yes, they are. We want you to feel the same way we do, inntel."


"Shut up! if you don’t pull your weight, I'll scrap you and throw you out!"

"No, Pleeeeeeeeease!"

The clowns hid behind Aristella.


"But the problem is the seven stars. It is a kind of game world controlled by a special system in which seven kings, called the Seven Stars, compete for supremacy. However, this is just a story on the surface, a loop world created by Solaris. The one who has the role of the hero in this world is Lenneth, who is fighting against a demon king named Sieben. If this demon king is defeated, the legacy of this world will be released, but if she is defeated, this world will loop again. In this way, the power of the legacy and the past worlds is being siphoned off using the conflict."

"The question is, are you saying that we can't just go in there and fight that Sieben?"

Reinhardt asks.

"Whatever enters this world will be torn apart no matter how many people go with it. The intruders will be placed under the command of the other five of the Seven Stars, with the exception of Lenneth and Sieben. They know nothing and are merely characters created by Solaris; the five will fight, someone will win, and then the victor will choose either Lenneth or Sieben for the final showdown. But Lenneth will not win, it is decided."


Brad continues.

“But this time the situation is different. If the power of the Crimson Moon is released, there will be a hope in the battle of the seven stars. The power of Yggdrasil, which the Demon King uses, is also powered by the Crimson Moon, so if we can block it, we should have a chance to win. First, the four of you will enter the world of the seven stars and prepare for the coming battle. If possible, it would be good if we could get their cooperation, and if not, it would be enough if we could induce them not to side with the Demon King. While you are buying time, we will capture the Crimson Moon, and then one of the people who liberated the Crimson Moon will enter this world, which will trigger the ability to clear the game from a game point of view. There, we will strike the Demon King."

“Now all that's left to do is to select the personnel. What about the protection of this ship? What should we do? With the current members, I think it would be appropriate for me to stay.” Viga spoke up..



"Roger that. How many do you need?"

Aristella answers.

”I need three, T2, and how about you, Asuka?"

Three to protect Crimson Moon, three to protect Reunion, four for the seven stars, and one last contact with Crimson Moon."

"I will go."

It was Elektra who said that.

"I told you the Crimson Moon would be a short term mission. Once we have a good idea of what we're up against, I'll leave Aristella in charge and I'll join up with the seven stars as soon as I can. Viga, I'll send a signal, and you take care of the retrieval."

Viga said, "Yes. Elektra, I'm sure you'll be fine."

"Yes, no problem. So, please take care of the first members to enter the seven stars. Especially Ki Lua. Don't forget what I taught you."

"You can count on me, I'm the best!"

"That's the spirit."……


"Hey, hey, we're going to die of exhaustion, Ryzenn."

"I'm worried about overheating from the heat, Inntel."

The clowns were whispering so that Elektra could not hear them.