Episode 156 - The Great Dimension Library

The spaceship Reunion departed from Cocoon. Then, it shot out into space and increased its speed using the magical power supplied by Reflect and Refrain.


"Can we reach our destination?"

Hyde asks Aristella.

"The basic operation is in the hands of the Mumu engineers, Falchion said he trusts them, so I think we'll be fine. After that, the magic power of Reflect and Refrain will allow us to enter the Great Dimension Library, which is an inviolable library that is originally hidden, and even Solaris has difficulty interfering with it."

"I see. I understand."

Hyde disappeared with the black cat when she said that.

The ninja are not very good at exposing themselves, and Hyde is always out of sight.


"Hey, I see something!"

It was Ki lua who first spoke up. Still, nothing could be seen ahead but stars and darkness. However, Ki lua had particularly good eyesight, enhanced senses, and a great sense of intuition. With her uncanny sense of smell, she was able to tell what was going to happen a short time in the future. Ki lua also began to fidget.

"Look out, look out, we're going to bump into each other!"

It was then that everyone sensed that something had passed. The scenery around them was covered in a greenish blur, and it felt as if they were entering a ward. Reunion slowed down accordingly, and the magical power of Reflect and Refrain seemed to resonate.


Then, as if sucked into the building that appeared before them, the Reunion landed in the plaza at its entrance. It was as if to celebrate the magical forces. When Aristella alighted from the Reunion, there was an environment where one could live.


A man stood in front of the door.

"For the first time in thousands of years I have met someone from the outside, a messenger of Reflection and Refrain. At last, the time has come."

"Are you Brad?"

"Yes, I am."

"Brad, I have some questions for you."

"I'd like to hear your side of the story too, it's going to be a little long. Come on in."


Brad led them into a room filled with a seemingly endless array of books.

"The memories of this world, from the past to the future, are here. This is a place that cannot interfered with, instead of being interfered with. It protects itself from all outside forces. Reflect and Refrain had similar powers, didn't they?"

"Brad, I need you to tell me the key to defeating Solaris."

"I knew it was time, but first, let me tell you an old story. It was a long time ago, when the gods were at war."


Brad's story took a long time. To recap the story, there used to be a time when there were ten worlds and Valhalla, where the gods lived, and the gods fought, divided into two camps, and fought a decisive battle for supremacy. But then a third party intervened: Solaris, or Gear from the future. The gods, led by Zeus, began to fight against Gear. But the power of the future was so powerful, the power of the gods was sealed, and their power was taken away by Gears, one by one, even their world was taken into this present world. But Zeus was sowing the seeds for a future breakthrough in the situation. That is the power of legacy, one of which is the planet Cocoon. Reflect and Refrain were assigned to manage it as its protectors.

It was a situation that was being eroded by the fall of the black sun Magog, and the last hope was about to be lost.


The main planet of Solaris is not that far away, apparently. However, it is said that its barrier is nearly perfect because it is suppressing the power of the Legacy. Also, the main star itself is moving, and is heading toward Cocoon, following the legacy-sealed star like a satellite, trying to take in the timing of Cocoon's erosion by Magog.


"What you must do now is to liberate the two legacies surrounding the main planet Solaris and make them into your own power. Since there is no time to spare, you should go on both missions at the same time. Then, after liberating the legacies, you will enter the main planet of Solaris and destroy the Ark called the Creator. Then we will liberate the gods."

"What happens then?"

"I don't know. Well, there are many gods, but some of them are trustworthy. At least, we can't start thinking about what comes after."


"Well, we'll be on our way soon. Thanks, Brad."


"Is something wrong?"

"I'll go with you. The shackles of interference have been broken, and this place is not safe, unless we defeat Solaris."