Episode 155 - Chevaleresse's diary

(The first page)

I decided to start keeping a diary! I an training in order to become a fine swordsman!


Because my mom is the best! My mom is very strong, she's a member of the Twelve Sacred Knights, and she's just very, very strong! That's why I also hope to be able to help my mother someday. I will be supporting my mother, who has raised me all by herself. At that time, I'd be happy if Aristella and Dexia were together, ah, but lately Dexia seems to be having a bit of trouble...


(Page 7)

I wish I could be like my mother, but my sword skills haven't improved much, and I can't beat Dexia at all. I can win against Alistella, but Alistella doesn't seem to be that interested in swords in the first place. I wish I had the talent that Dexia does.


(Page 13)

It was the first time I saw my mother cry. Today is the anniversary of my father's death. I have no memories of him, so I can't cry. I understand though. Yeah, from now on, I'll have to help you and not cause any trouble.


(page 20)

My sword skill seems to have improved a little. Even so, I was told by Dexia that there was still more to improve. But, but, it's about time I want to prove that I'm a full-fledged person. If I don't do that, I won't be able to join the Knights. I will protect the country with my mother!


(page 27)

Looks like a big bear appeared near the city. It looks like everyone in the knight order is going out to exterminate them, but I think I'll go too. And if I defeat a bear by myself, I'll be recognized as a full-fledged knight!  


(page 28)

I've been feeling a bit depressed and have stopped writing this diary, but I have to keep going. I couldn't defeat the bear. On the contrary, I was attacked and my mom saved me when I was about to die. But the mother who took me under her wing lost one of her eyes. Compared to Chevaleresse's life, it is cheap, she said. I was supposed to help my mom, but she ended up helping me.


From now on, I have to train even harder.



(Page 40)

mom. where did you go  

Dexia and my mom went missing. Dexia was kidnapped by a mysterious assailant, she chased after him, and she hasn't come back for days. Hurry up, come back soon.


(Page 52)

After that, in the end, neither my mom nor Dexia came back. Because I was weak, my mom only had one eye. And because of that...my mom shouldn't have actually lost . My mom can't die. She's the strongest in the world. So, I'll become stronger and go find her, and this time, I'll be the one to help mom!


(Page 80)

I told Aristella that I was going on a journey. I lied to Alistella that I wanted to spread my knowledge. After all, my mother hasn't come back even after waiting for three years, and Dexia is the same. I can't wait any longer. Aristella is a bit unreliable, but he's full of gentle charm, and I wanted to protect him, but I have work to do.


(Page 100)

I went everywhere to spread my knowledge and insight, but there was no information about my mother. I’ve come to Solari, the Religious Nation. This is a frightening place. Deception swirls around it in the guise of security. But even though it was deceptive, its power seemed real. What exactly is the power of God? Yes, I met an interesting person during the day. No, more than interesting, he comically mistook himself for a savior. His name was Actor Drei. He told me to contact him if I was interested in God.


That power is evil. There is nothing good about someone who always claims to have the power of God. But...


(page 101)

I decided to re-establish contact with the Actor Drei. His god's name was Ulga. Ulga said, I will give you power and grant you your wish, but in exchange you must make a contract with me.


Power, that was what I wanted most. I had no power, I had learned that on my long journey. I did not have my mother's talent, and my swordsmanship was second-rate. All these years, I have only learned how great she was. If all the world needed was a talent like my mother's, why am I still alive?


(page 107)

I made a pact with Ulga and gained the power of war. It’s a mighty power which sometimes makes me forget myself. I began to think that the elation I felt when I overpowered my enemies was something I would never be able to replace. I was afraid that I would cease to be myself. No, I don't care if I lose it, as long as I can grasp the truth about my mother.


(page 115)

While chasing information, I got information about a certain dragon. A mermaid named Vier told me the details. She too was in her despair and was about to kill herself. I helped her and encouraged her to acquire Ulga powers. She was in the Eternal Theater, where much information flew chaotically and carelessly. Vier was also one of the powerless. I understand how she feels. But sympathy is poison.


(page 117)

Lately, murderous intent springs up in me all the time. If I let myself guard down, I will be dominated by it. But my mission is to kill, kill, kill, kill the people who took my mother away... To begin with, Dexia and Aristella should have been the target. Aristella, why can you live carefree?


(125 pages)

I met up with Aristella. He seemed fine, but my feelings of hatred outweighed my feelings of nostalgia. I should have liked him, but I decided to break up with Aristella and head to the underground fighting arena, where the dragon that was slain could have been mother. There was a possibility that she had been turned into a dragon by a curse, at least according to what Vier told me.


(page 126)

I killed everyone in the underground fighting arena. It felt refreshing. And I found what I was looking for. A pendant taken out of a dragon, this is definitely my mother's. They can't be forgiven. For keeping it a secret for so long, they deserve to die.


(page 127)

The following was written on the mother's pendant that they had hidden.

Dear Chevaleresse

"Use your power to protect those you love. And you live your life."

What the hell am I doing?


(page 128)

I can't go back. This power is the power of destruction. But with this power, I learned something. Mother's curse is a Gear's curse. So, if I muster up my strength, I might be able to save my mother from the curse. Because I also have the power of Gears, and I have the power of curses, so I think I can take on all of my mother's curses as well.


So I made up my mind.


I will kill Ulga and I will die. And save my mother. This is all I can do without power. I can't save the world from now on.


Aristella, I'm sorry I couldn't protect you. Mother, if this wish comes true, please protect Aristella. You taught me so much that the power to protect is the strongest power. How could I have forgotten? But I'm glad I remembered it in the end. I'll protect my mother.