Episode 154 - Elektra

“I lost. Master, you’re too strong!”

"Now, 100 battles, you have 0 wins, and 100 losses.”


Ki Lua was lying sprawled out, rolling his eyes. Under Elektra's guidance, Ki Lua, who had prided herself on being the strongest, had become completely sluggish, probably because she was beaten so hard at first. From what we saw, she had grown tremendously in the fundamentals, but even then, there was no sign that she could defeat Elektra.



Aristella comes running from the other side.

“Aristella, I told you that Electra would be fine.”

"I'm just not used to it. Rather than that, I've decided to leave. If possible, tomorrow."

"I'm always ready. Have you resolved that problem?"

"Alistella, our lives are at stake, so please do it properly, right? Ryzenn."

"That's right, I definitely want a nice bed with three meals, Inntel."

"Shut up! I'm going to cut you both into pieces!!"

“Oh, pleeeeeease!”

"Reflect and Refrain have secured the power source with their magic power. And they will also be responsible for protecting this world."




"What is our first destination?"

Aristella looked up at the sky.

"The Great Dimension Library, far beyond the sky. There, we will meet a person named Brad and obtain the key to overthrowing Solaris.''

"I'll leave it to you. I guess you can trust those kids."


And then, the Reunion set off on its journey with nine people on board: Aristella, Hyde, Elektra, Falchion, Ki Lua, Reinhardt, Viga, Asuka, and T2.


"We are going! I asked about Cocoon. Reflect, Refrain."

"Leave it to me"

"Leave it to me"

"So you guys too."

“Please take care of our comrade.”


“Ah, I will definitely save them, along with this world.”

“Alistella, let’s leave now!”


Falchion was calling. The journey may start quickly and end quickly. But no one knew how it would end.