Episode 153 - Eternal Conference Hall

"Well, it's about time."


"Oh, you're not going to deny it today?"

"Yes, we've done our part. Now it's up to you."

"Let's get going."

"But first, we have to go to Alistella."

"I see."



At that time, Aristella and Falchion were having a strategy meeting at Eternal.

“Do you have an idea on where to find a power source?”

“We'll have to look for it. Aristella, what about you?

“We're fine. I'm having Elektra train everyone. But I can't reach Reflect and Refrain. It would be great if we could get their help.”


As if their words had been heard, the two figures appear with a gentle breeze.


“You! Where have you been? I hope you will fight with us again.”

“We're staying. This world needs someone to protect it, and you need a power source, don't you?”

There is still some of the magic power we have stored for thousands of years. That should be enough to power it.”

“That's right.”



It was the first time the two of them spoke so actively.


"Are you okay?"


"There's nothing good or bad about it, it's just that the time has come."

"Yes, but remember that we don't have much time left. The erosion of the dark earth is spreading, and we can only support it for a year. We don't know what will happen beyond that. All life living here may perish.”

"Does that mean we have no choice but to defeat Solaris and stop the supply of Black Sun's eroding energy?"

Aristella ponders.

"But how?"

"Yes, we don't have enough information on that. But there is someone who knows. At the end of the universe. What we do know now is that there is a place to go first, and that is... Great Dimension Library. There is one of our comrades from the old world in the Dimension Library. His name is Brad, and if you meet him, you'll know what legacy we need to defeat Solaris."

“What is a Legacy?”

"You guys have already mastered part of that power. The power of the contract is part of the power left behind by the Legacy. It's that existence that is the source of the power. Ask Brad for more details."

"Okay, how long will it take to inject the power? Let's prepare for departure accordingly. We don't have much time, so we have to move quickly."

"Of course, I'll start now."