Episode 151 - Elektra

Elektra thinks.


My daughter, Chevaleresse, is gone. At that time, I was asleep, or rather, dead. In order to revive me, she risked her life to make contact with Solaris, and in the end, together with Dexia, she gave up her own life to defeat Ulga. But to defy Ulga meant death to those who held his power in their hands.



When Ulga fell, Actor Drei, who had lost his power, was torn to pieces by the people as a false messiah, and DEATH WING FÜNF died as a blessing and became a curse. Serenade Vier was said to have died at the side of Chevaleresse, who sang and finally became a corpse.



Chevaleresse and Dexia put all their power into it and said that they had revived me with their tears. Chevaleresse had borrowed the power of the Gear of Solaris. That is probably why she was able to break the power of the curse in me. So I thought that maybe these clowns also had a little bit of their two hearts left in them, but those clowns are so out of character. If so, one wonders where that mean-spiritedness came from. But even if so, I can't complain because I give them a hard time.......



After all, my role now was to train the crew of the ship to leave for Solaris to protect this Cocoon.


Especially those who suddenly appeared here, they didn't have the basics of fighting, everything was done by force. It was worthwhile to teach them a lesson. The training was progressing steadily, but there were not many days left until the ship would be completed.


Now, let the training begin. Ki Lua.

"Oh, Nooo!"

Ki Lua, who had been lying on the floor, is knocked awake.


The day of departure is close.