Episode 150 - Eternal's training center

"It's a hard world we live in now, Ryzenn."

"Yeah, it's true. It's a hard place to live, inntel."



The clowns were floating. And they were talking.



One female swordsman with a muscular, strong body and One-eye, glared at them.


"Oh, I think she wants something from you, Ryzenn."

"No, no, no, it's for you, Inntel."

The eye seemed to glow even more brightly.

"Both of you! If you keep talking like that, I'll cut you down!"


"Oh, please don't hurt us!"

The two clowns flew away. But they may be back soon. Those clowns remembered what we didn't like, but they didn't seem to have any memory for remembering anything else, especially things that were inconvenient for them.

Elektra had awakened not long before, and three months had passed since then.


When she woke up, those clowns were already attached to her, and she just couldn't get away from them. she guesses she could call it a curse. On the other hand, the clowns seemed to be one with Elektra. If they were completely separated, they would die, and such a relationship had been established.



To start with, Elektra was dead.


Elektra was Aristella's mentor and Chevaleresse's mother.


She had followed Dexia when he was kidnapped by Solaris, and was trapped and transformed into a cursed dragon. The dragon that once attacked the underground fighting arena was also herself. She does not remember it, but it was supposed to have been defeated by the Twelve Sacred Knights.


It was these two clown types of Gear that had kept her alive.


The clowns, though now completely under control, were the ones who had once bound her actions and driven her to rampage and madness at the command of Solaris. Elektra wanted to smash them to pieces, but she was too busy swearing because doing so would have killed her.