Episode 132 - Encounter with Falchion

"Aristella, I need you to go to the underworld."


"My grandfather believed that the existence of " Gears " in this world was being used by someone or something that was watching over this world. My grandfather was attacked by the Solari for touching the heart of the matter. In other words, part of the surface world is controlled by them. He also thought that Solaris, the sun in the sky, which the Solari believe in, was the main source of the problem. Solaris, as you know, illuminates only half of Cocoon. The underworld is untouched because no light reaches it. But when we sent out a search party, we learned many things. The underworld is almost entirely devoid of "Geared" organisms, which means that it is less monitored than the surface world."

"What truth can we find out there?"

"I sent one of my scientist friends, Melira, to the site. And she reported me that she had found some interesting things. The relics of the past, or "legacies" as I called them, contained many things. Some of them were mysterious and dangerous, but one "legacy" said: ‘Tell those who have the power of the moon to go to the "Wanderers' Castle," which is located behind the clouds and beyond the boundaries.’”


Aristella also had an idea about the power of the moon. The phantoms were undoubtedly the power of the water moon in the sky. But what exactly is "Wanderers' Castle"? To begin with, he had never heard of such

A Wanderer.

"The power of the moon is the moonchild and the power given by them. But how can we go where we have never seen or heard of?"

"We will have to rely on the local inhabitants of the underworld. Especially since there seems to be a guide at the entrance, the Paramita of the Dead, it would be a good idea to go there first. Melira is also busy with excavation work, so it would be difficult for her to help us. But frankly speaking, we have neither the skill nor the strength to venture out into the heavenly Solaris at this time. For now, we have to rely on the hidden secrets of the underworld.”

"I understand. Let's head for the underworld."

"You've got to do it. I have other things to do."

Aristella left the Falchion laboratory. He said that he could not go to the underworld, because he had to protect this country, did that mean he was not just a researcher?”


------- Meanwhile, -----


"Serenade, you were great again today. I don't know how your voice can be so clear and resonate with people's hearts. ...... happy and sad, so, have you made up your mind?"


"Yes, I'll take the forbidden fruit."

"So, did your contacts tell you where the thing is?"

The Alpha of the underground fighting arena. One of his former employees said he saw him."

"That money-grubbing son of a bitch."

"You know him?"

"Well, it's a bit of a story. I'm going to the underground fighting arena, Serenade, wait for me, the time is not here yet, not now."

"I know."

The sea breeze and the scent of the sea surrounded them, playing the melody of the sea.