Episode 126 - Epilogue

?????? (New Cocoon Year 1014)


Someone is reading a book with great interest.


He was a researcher, mainly studying the five moons in the sky. His planet is called Cocoon. There were five moons of different colors in the sky, and then there was Solaris, which shone like the sun.


This Cocoon is divided into two worlds: the front world and the back world. The front world is the world of light, while the back world is the world of night, where light comes only from the reflection of the moon. The underworld is still a mystery.


On the other hand, in the front world, many countries have been established by humans, and they are interacting with each other, and their characteristics are clearly defined.


The city where this researcher is located is called Artificial Natural City Eternal. The city has a lot of research and a lot of nature. On a nearby island, there is a savage tribe called the Mumu Tribe, who help the researcher with his research as if they were his assistants.


Other countries include the Twelve Sacred Knights, a country that serves as a bulwark against monsters from the back world, and Solari, a Religious Nation, and recently discovered during an expedition to the back world were the ancient ruins of a city. The large amount of books found there gave us a chance to learn about past events in this Cocoon. In a world where there is little literature and history left from the past, this was supposed to advance a lot of research.


But this, too, soon came to a standstill. Many of the books of the past were lost when the religious state of Solari began burning books in its heresy hunts.


So much is still a mystery. There are a few things I have learned from the books of the past that there was once a mighty magic power in this world, a power called judgment. What is the power of the Judgment? It was an ability no one had ever seen or heard of. As for the magical power, there has been a strange phenomenon that has been happening recently. It is said that stones illuminated by the light of the moon in the sky have begun to possess mysterious powers. Also, a fairy-like race called the "Moon Child" has recently appeared. This, too, seemed to be related to the five moons.


And even though the books were burned, not all were lost. Using a proprietary route, the researcher had on hand one of the recently unearthed books. In this cocoon, Solaris, a shining light in the sky, is passed down as a bringer of light and blessings. There is even a Solaris cult based on it, but is it really true?


The book contained something that made me ask that question. It was that there was once a battle for the survival of the world that took place, and that it may still be going on today. And the silhouette of the monster that appears in the book resembles the god of the Solaris cult.


“Someday, I will have to solve this mystery. The secret of the moon and Solaris. Even if it costs me my life.” the man wondered aloud.


"Grandpa, are you doing some more research? Come, play with me"


Hearing the voice, the researcher closes the book with a snap. The door to the mystery was opening. All that remains is to go deeper and find the key to unlock it. Solaris floats in the sky, shining brightly. Blessing or .......

"I know, I know, just wait outside for a minute. Falchion ......."

"Yes!" the child yelled as ran out of the house, in high spirits.


To be continued in the Hero Cluster.

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