GP 2023 April Top Player's Deck Lists


Dear Rulers,


We would like to report the results of the GP held on 15th and 16th April 2023. We have received comments from some of the top players, although not all have provided strategic insight. We are grateful to the 3 players who shared their thoughts with us. Thank you for sending them in.


As the GP is still ongoing, this report may have an impact on the metagame. We encourage even those who did not play in the tournament to take a look.



■ 1nd PlaceNameJeremy Lindley

What was the Decisive factor in choosing your Ruler for this event?

I chose Eins due to the versatility of his start of turn trigger and his Homeland (Solaris) ability. A secondary factor was that control decks are heavily prevalent in the current meta so I figured most players wouldn't have strong sideboard cards to deal with an aggro Eins build.


What was advantages of your deck in the competitive environment?

This deck has quite a few advantages in the current competitive environment. Ein's Homeland (Solaris) ability can be pretty tough for control decks to deal with due to Damascus moon and can shut down Order decks completely due to Outer Space. This deck has three separate win conditions that all require different counters from my opponent. This deck can win purely by burning my opponents life with Metal Lifeform: Dragon, Sealed One-Eye Dragon, and Dragon of Solari. It can win using the various board buffs Eins gives to gears combined with Gearsification Facility allowing non gear resonators to become gears. Lastly it can win by creating wide boards that are buffed using Sprinting Steward. Because there are varied win conditions if my opponent sides into cards that shut down one strategy another can take it's place. By combining the different win conditions of the deck together it allows you to put your opponent under significant pressure as early as turn one as their life points quickly dwindle to low amounts. There is also the advantage that not many players expected Eins so many of his counters like Intimidation and Decay of Machines were left out of decks.


Another advantage of the deck is that it can easily play on either players turn and has quite a few ways to spend mana that don't involve casting spells. This allows the deck to easily play around Angelic Battle Barrier and Light Moon Child which many decks rely on for defense.