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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 9 ~ Inheritance Across the Attributes

Welcome once again, rulers! I hope you’re enjoying our new preview article schedule. From now on we’ll be posting these articles at 8PM EST/5PM PST to make it easier for everyone to get the scoop on the newest cards at the most convenient possible time! Last week we took a look at Fiethsing, a very powerful Inheritance card. Well it’s time for some more Inheritance cards and some accompanying spells! Let’s dive right in!


Well hey there Amaterasu, we haven’t seen you since the Valhalla cluster! This total cost three resonator is packing 800 ATK and DEF, which is fairly high for its cost. Amaterasu will also heal you any time she deals damage. So attacking with this card essentially heals you for 800 life points every time, unless your opponent has some kind of damage prevention running. You also have the option to discard this card from your hand and pay two light wind and one void to give a J/resonator [+800/+800] until end of turn. That would be enough for most cards, but Amaterasu’s got one more fun little trick up her sleeve. By paying two light will and resting two resonators you control, you can revive Amaterasu (rested of course)! Even if you decide to toss this card for its Inheritance effect, or its destroyed in battle, or if you’re forced to discard it via Soulhunt or the like, you can still put it right back into the field.


Amaterasu’s Foresight is essentially a panic button. Its got Quickcast, which is good because casting this on your own turn would be rather foolish in most situations. This card prevents all damage that would be dealt by J/resonators for the rest of the turn. This spell is perfect for decks that need to stall that extra turn to clinch their win. Note that this spell only prevents damage from J/resonators, and not damage from other sources like chants, additions, or rulers. In fact, for that reason, this spell might be a good choice for burn decks, allowing them to stall while still allowing them to damage their opponent should they so desire.


We haven’t seen too many Cthulhus in Legacy Lost, so let’s check out Bastet from back in Millenia of Ages. This card has a total cost of two, with 300 ATK and 700 DEF, allowing her to block most two cost resonators with impunity. She only has 300 ATK, but she’ll likely be dealing more than that thanks to her ability. While in your field, Bastet will double any damage a Cthulhu you control would deal to a J/resonator. This includes effect damage were the source is a Cthulhu (like Lunya or Hastur!). Suddenly Hastur is now able to destroy a resonator with 800 DEF allowing for some much more viable board control. Bastet can also be discarded by activating her Inheritance cost of two. Doing so will allow you to put five limit counters on a Cthulhu J/resonator, as long as that J/resonator has Limit. Bastet can be a great asset, but is clearly geared specifically for Cthulhu decks. Though she’s fire attribute she can do wonders with Azathoth and Yog Sothoth. Consider using Yog’s judgment for 0 and then using Bastet’s Inheritance to gain five more turns before Yog would return to his ruler side and deal damage to you.


Like Amaterasu, Bastet also has her own signature spell. Bastet’s Fascination is a total cost one Quickcast spell that will force a J/resonator to block this turn as long as it is able. This card will also let you draw a card to replace this one. So just drop this spell down before your recovery, draw a card, and force a J/resonator into a situation where it will be destroyed.


So we’ve learned of Moojdart’s fate in Legacy Lost, now it’s time to learn of Milest’s. Or rather, what’s left of Milest. This resonator is a basic 600/600 for a total cost of two, when played from the hand. You could also discard this card using its Inheritance ability to deal 600 damage to a J/resonator, providing some removal among the multitude of Inheritance effects.


Last for today, another fairly simple Inheritance card. Luan, Auspicious Beast is a basic 700/700 for a total cost of three. The beast’s Inheritance ability also allows you to discard it to grant a J/resonator +700/+700 until end of turn. The real trick to all these Inheritance cards is that any resonator you attack with can be made into a large damaging threat. Even if you attack with a resonator that’s been affected by Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic, you can play an Inheritance ability like this one to easily turn it into a hefty damage dealer!


That’s all for today, but we’re posting new Legacy Lost preview articles every Tuesday and Friday at 3PM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!