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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 8 ~ Kaguya and Fiethsing

Well another week is winding down, rulers. With Friday approaching we’ve got a Legacy Lost preview to take a look at. This week we’ll be covering light and wind attribute cards, specifically ones that have to do with our good friends Fiethsing and Kaguya. They were a big focus in the Legacy Lost trailer video and many fans seem to think that means something big happens with them in the story. Perhaps today’s cards will shed some light?


Welp, why not start with the ol’ Six Sage herself. You’ll notice she’s both an Elf and Six Sage, so she’ll get that nice ATK and DEF bonus from her J-ruler counter part. Like other Fiethsing resonators in the past, she’s got Quickcast. Coupled with  a total cost of two and ATK/DEF of 600 that’s not too shabby. Upon entry she’ll let you return a resonator you control to its owner’s hand. Since it says “you  may” you don’t have to worry about bouncing something if you don’t need/want to. Her ability, combined with Quickcast, makes her a “get out of danger” sort of resonator. Perfect for protecting your big baddie who’s just been targeted by Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic or Artemis. Fiethsing also has an Inheritance ability, by paying two and discarding the card you can give a J/resonator an extra +600/+600 until end of turn. You’ll also be able to search your deck for a new card named Fiethsing’s Monocle and put it into your field for free! That’s some nice value right there! Thin your deck, pump something up for some extra damage, and get a total cost two addition that helps you generate will (as we will see below) into your field.


And here we have what just might be the best, if not saddest, artwork of Legacy Lost. Fiethsing’s Monocle is a dual attribute addition with a pretty simple function. It can be bestowed nearly for free to a resonator and grants that resonator the ability to produce will of any attribute. Melfee can do this too of course, the difference is that Melfee can be turned to a bear and destroyed, this card can’t. Even if the bestowed resonator is destroyed, this card will remain in the field, ready to be bestowed to another resonator. As mentioned earlier it can be searched out and fielded for free by using Fiethsing’s Inheritance ability making it a must play for Glorius decks.


Another heart wrenching artwork. That’s fine, I had too many tears stored up in my eyes anyway. Final Breeze is a counter spell of sorts, though a very unusual one. On it’s own it will return a spell to its owner’s hand. Now remember, this would target the spell on the chase, before it has a chance to resolve, and since the target would be returned to the hand before resolution it’d be like if the spell had been canceled. The only hitch is, of course, it’s back in your opponent’s hand. So what’s to stop them from playing it again? They’d have to spend extra will of course, but if this spell were only capable of that bounce, a standard canceling type counter spell would be more preferable. However, this spell has a nasty Torrent ability. Once you’ve got torrent running, drop this card to prevent your opponent from playing spells for the rest of the turn!


Here’s a simple one. It’s a one cost Quickcast chant that destroys a resonator with Flying. Gwiber giving you too much trouble? Just outright destroy the dang thing! You’ll never know for sure if your opponent is playing cards with Flying or not, so this chant is best kept at maybe two or three copies in the side deck.


Speaking of Flying resonators, Kaguya is total cost three resonator with 700 ATK and 800 DEF. Total cost three for her stats isn’t too bad, but she’ll cost one less to play if you control a moon. There aren’t too many moon cards though so you might have a little trouble incorporating them effectively into your deck. Even at three this card can get scary. Kaguya will recover whenever an addition is bestowed to her, allowing her to attack multiple times per turn! Strangely this card makes for a good combo with the new Lumia J/ruler. Attack with Kaguya, bestow something and attack again (repeat if you are able depending on how many additions you’ve got). But now all your additions are bestowed to Kaguya and she can only attack once per turn again, oh  no! But thanks to Lumia, just remove Kaguya from the game and then return her, the additions will remain in the field and become un-bestowed. Then you just repeat the process again!


Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly is an interesting chant. You’ll be able to search your deck for a resonator or addition with total cost X+1 or less (so you could search for a total cost one resonator or addition by paying one) and put it into your field right away! Sadly it isn’t Quickcast, but it’s ability to field what you’re searching for right away helps make up for that. Spells like this and Fated Reunion really help the consistency of combo based decks and other decks can certainly still take full advantage of the consistency this spell helps bring to their game.


That’s all for today, but we’re posting new Legacy Lost preview articles every Tuesday and Friday at 3PM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!