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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 7 ~ Altean Evil

Feeling a little evil today, rulers? I hope so, ’cause we’re returning to Altea to take a look at some more of what they’ve got in store for the Light Palace. It’s all about fire and water cards today, so expect some Seven Luminaries support, but we’ve also got a new Inheritance card today as well! Let’s have a look!


Well this one’s pretty easy to understand. A total cost two resonator with 600/600 is the strong standard, and Catalyst Spirit also has a helpful ability for Sol players (or Mercurius or Mars if you happen to be running stones that can produce both fire and water). Upon banishment, this resonator will give your J/ruler two mana counters. Obviously not much good outside Seven Luminaries decks. In one, however, it can be a useful way to build your counters while also having something to handle early game threats that aren’t worth spending a Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic or the like on. It’s dual attribute makes it a good choice for the Sol player who’s also running Adombrali, as banishing this will give you a card draw and some damage to toss at a resonator.


Here’s something kind of interesting. An Altean who actually works best with the new Faria J-ruler. To be fair she’s certainly playable in other decks, like the previous resonator she’s got a total cost of two and 600 ATK and DEF. She also has an Inheritance ability of two that will let you bounce a resonator back to the opponent’s hand. Her bounce ability can be reduced to a free cost with Faria making her a much more desirable play in that deck, but other control type decks may find running a couple copies of Rachel to be useful. Having a single card that can act as a body or a control spell can be useful with the increased variety of decks we’ve seen out there these days.


Rachel’s smile is so evil, it even gets it’s own card! Rachel’s Smile is a Quickcast Ancient Magic chant that will rest all J/resonators and magic stones your opponent controls. That is some nasty magic. Quickcast means you can drop it right after your opponent’s recovery phase. Your opponent can still rest all their stones in response and float the will, but it means they’ll have no open stones on your next turn and all their J/resonators will be rested allowing you to attack at your leisure. It even denies your opponent a magic stone if they’ve got their J-ruler out. This spell’s cost is five, which you’d expect for something this strong, but remember that this can be played with will produced by mana counters (or by Sympathy of Fire and Water). Mercurius and Sol can play this incredibly easily and gain an entire turn of advantage. While not as definitive a play as Rising From the Depths, it is less than half the cost and can still turn the game around for you or nab you that last bit of advantage you need to win the game!


Remember Alfred? That guy who was mentioned on the flavor text of Sympathy of Fire and Water? This is him! Interesting lore fact, he’s Alisaris’ son. Though that’s not too hard to piece together on your own given his ability. It rewinds time! If you removed at least two mana counters from your J/ruler this turn (and you currently have no floating will) you’ll be able to put two mana counters back on your J/ruler! Unlike Catalyst Spirit, you don’t need to banish Alfred to get them, but need to have spent mana counters before playing Alfred to gain the benefits of his time rewinding magic. Once on the field he’s got some fairly good ATK and DEF for his cost, allowing him to get in some good damage on your opponent or provide some defense for you as you stall until you can drop one of your powerful Ancient Magic spells to claim the victory.


Sol’s created magical copies of Akiot, and boy are they annoying. Demonic Instigator costs three and enters the field with 700 ATK and DEF. Sol’s usually not too concerned with playing resonators unless its to somehow stall or speed up his production of mana counters. Demonic Instigator does the former, maliciously. This card forces J/resonators your opponent controls to attack it. What’s more, it will deal the same amount of damage it takes from that J/resonator to taht same J/resonator (and that’s in addition to any damage Demonic Instigator would deal via normal combat!). This guy is an absolute terror against decks that rely on lots of weak resonators like token resonators and Fairy Tale decks. Running three or four copies of this resonator may not be the best as there’s no guarantee it will be consistently useful, but two copies (or even one) in the deck with another copy or two waiting in the side deck can be very handy against the right types of decks.


Our last resonator for today is Prokaryotic Being. Don’t let its 0 ATK and DEF fool you, this guy can get big very fast in the right decks. Once on the field, this Magic Lifeform resonator will gain +200/+200 for each chant in your graveyard, making him perfect for control decks and especially Ancient Magic decks, which will likely be more liberal with their spells. To make things better, this card can be granted Swiftness by paying one fire will and Flying by paying one water will. Swiftness is only needed if you really need to attack the turn you play this card, which isn’t a consistent need, but it’s helpful to have available to you. The real boon is Flying. Having a resonator who’s power can easily be increased by you dropping spells you’d be playing anyway, and then making that damage much harder to block is can be a very threatening thing for your opponent.


That’s all for today, but we’re posting new Legacy Lost preview articles every Tuesday and Friday at 3PM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!