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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 4 ~ An Unlikely Partnership

Well met, rulers! It’s time for a Friday preview article! Our fourth ruler for the set is the much anticipated Lumia! She’s been a ruler before, back in the Grimm cluster. In those days she worked around removing cards from the game, and you’ll find that theme is still strong in her new J/ruler and support cards! Don’t blink, ’cause you’re about to blink some cards! Does that make sense? I don’t care.

I SWEAR NOT ALL THE RULERS IN L2 HAVE A JUDGMENT OF TOTAL COST THREE. Just trust me on this one. Anyway, she’s packing light/fire energize. Par for the course at this point, since Lumia is a light and fire dual attribute ruler. She also has what might be one of the most interesting automatic abilities we’ve seen on a ruler thus far. At the end of your turn, you’ll remove a rested resonator you control from the game, and then put it right back into your field. Not only does this mean it will enter your field recovered, so you could use it to block on your opponent’s turn, but since the card technically entered the field again, if it has any upon entry ability (Enter keyword not withstanding of course) it will trigger again. Imagine setting off Hook’s ability every turn, or removing Hastur or Azathoth to put them back in the field with all their limit counters back. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg with this ability, my friends. The downside is, of course, that it needs to be a rested resonator meaning you’ll need to either attack or rest it for the cost of some ability. Even so this is a tremendous ability for a myriad of decks and is not to be underestimated.

When your ready to really step things up, Lumia’s Judgment is ready for you. the Saint of the Crimson Lotus enters the field with 1000 ATK and DEF as well as Swiftness, no need for ol’ Laevateinn here folks. The J-ruler side also gains a slightly upgraded version of the ruler side’s attractive automatic ability. It loses the “at end of turn” and “rested” stipulations. Instead you’ll be able to remove a resonator (yours or your opponent’s) from the field and then return it whenever Lumia attacks, which shouldn’t be too hard what with her having Swiftness and all. Lumia also has a lengthy ability that triggers as she enters the field. You’ll have the option of removing a Nyarlathotep, the Crimson Radiance (featured below) in your hand from the game. As long as Nyarlathotep is removed by Lumia’s effect the J-ruler will gain Imperishable and a life stealing ability. With Lumia’s ruler side ability as strong as it is, having your J-ruler destroyed isn’t too much of a set back unless you were counting on her 1000 ATK for lethal damage. With a Nyarlathotep removed you can now attack with near impunity, as this effect will grant Lumia Imperishable even before Black Moonbeam could target her.

Nyarlathotep’s had her stint as a ruler and makes the jump to a resonator (much like the old Grimm cluster days) in Legacy Lost. She costs two for an impressive 700/700. However, she only has a Limit of 1, though that’s hardly a problem when coupled with Lumia. She also has two Awakening abilities, one for one light will, and one for one fire will. The light one provides some helpful removal. It will remove a resonator from the game for as long as Nyarlathotep remains in the field. Of course that may not be for very long, so using it as a guaranteed removal effort against your opponent’s key resonator isn’t advisable. However it can buy you a turn, and also help you abuse your own resonators upon entry effects. Drop Nyarlathotep, remove your own Hook (for example). Then attack with Nyarlathotep, remove her at end of game with Lumia, thus returning Hook and setting off his ability again, then return Nyarlathotep with her limit counter back. Nyarlathotep’s fire Awakening ability, oddly enough, provides a significant amount of cost effective value. With this Awakening ability you’ll be able to play a light or fire chant with total cost three or less from your hand for free. That is some great value. We’ll see that L2 has some fantastic light/fire spells to utilize with this ability.

Here’s something unusual. A non-wind resonator with Quickcast, and a good one at that. 700/700 for a total cost three is alright, Quickcast makes the card more likable for sure. What makes this card really great though, is it’s upon entry ability. If the card was played from your hand you’ll be able to remove a resonator you control from the game and then return that card rested. Essentially this is another way to gain the benefits of Lumia’s ability and even helps you set up for Lumia’s ruler side remove from game ability. To take our good friend Hook again as an example, phase out Hook when Priest of Divine Protection enters the field, then return it to the field and set off his effect. Then remove it again with Lumia’s ability (since it will enter the field rested with Priest of Divine Protection’s ability.) As the card’s name suggests you can also drop this card on your opponent’s turn to remove a resonator from harm’s way, perhaps saving it from destruction via a Lightning Strike or the like. The fact that this card can be used both offensively and defensively makes it versatile and a fantastic asset.

Man all those tokens with total cost zero sure are nice. Would be a shame if someone removed all of them. Lumia’s Judgment is a simple and effective card. Pay two will and X , then remove all non-magic stone and non-J-ruler cards with total cost X or less from the game. This chant can make for some strong last ditch turnaround plays, removing your opponent’s entire field if you can pay four or five for the X cost (depending on the opponent’s field of course).

Another fantastic multi-attribute spell Crimson Ray will slam a player or J/resonator for 600 life and then heal you for 600 life. Burn decks are sure to be grateful for this one, as the life gain will help them soak up a little extra damage, enabling them to survive long enough to burn through their opponent’s life. This is also a great spell to free cast with Nyarlathotep’s fire Awakening, but even on it’s own it is a useful chant.

As is tradition, with a new ruler, come’s that rulers magic stone. If you aren’t using the new Lumia J/ruler you’ll have to pay 300 life or put the stone into the field rested. This stone can, obviously, generate light and fire will, making it perfect for Lumia and her supporting cards. This stone also has a very useful automatic ability that will allow you to recover it when you use the Judgment of a light attribute ruler (dual attribute rulers with light as one of their attributes counts!). This makes using your Judgment much less of a deterrant, as the big concern with using Judgment is always that it denies you a magic stone that turn. With Awakened Magic Stone, the Earth recovering it’s almost as if you did call as stone that turn, not to mention that if you had two or three of these stones in the field and used them to pay for your Judgment, it’d practically be free.


That’s all for today, but we’re posting new Legacy Lost preview articles every Tuesday and Friday at 3PM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!