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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 2 ~ The Fearsome Fantasy

Welcome back, rulers! We’re here again with another Legacy Lost preview article. As you’d expect, it’s another entirely dual attribute focused article. At long last, after three sets, we get to see Valentina as a ruler again. Things have certainly changed since her days on Attoractia though. She’s got a new body, and some new powers. Let’s check it out!

thekrakensociety disturbnotthewaters

As with Glorius, Valentina starts off with a dual attribute Energize ability. So going second will net you a coin that can generate either a water or darkness will. Her Judgment cost is also quite similar to Glorius’, a total cost of three, putting her right at the average. She’s got two truly unique abilities, but they work in tandem. Whenever you play a water chant you can give a resonator -X00 ATK until end of turn, with X being that chant’s total cost. Whenever you play a darkness chant, you’ll get the same thing, but it will sap the resonator’s DEF instead. So obviously, playing a dual attribute water/darkness card will set off both of the abilities allowing you to sap a single resonator of its ATK and DEF, or the ATK of one resonator and the DEF of another, should you choose separate targets. Now, just as a natural recourse of playing the game, you’ll be able to get that much more value out of chant cards, especially ones with higher costs. Even by playing something like Nameless Mist, you can kill a resonator with 100 DEF or an Elf token, a fantastic little bonus to get just from playing a card.

Once you use Valentina’s Judgment, she’ll enter the field with a fairly strong 1000 ATK and DEF. Sadly she loses the ability to sap resonators by playing chants, however she gains two new interesting abilities. Firstly, she’ll reduce the cost to play water/darkness cards by one void, a fantastic utility ability. Cost reduction like that can help keep your will sources available to play counters on your opponent’s turn and the like. Valentina’s second ability is an activated one with a seemingly hefty cost. By banishing two resonators, you can choose to either draw a card or destroy a target resonator. Having to get rid of two of your own resonators just to take out one of your opponent’s isn’t the most ideal. However, water/darkness cards are all about generating Fantasy resonator tokens, so that should help reduce the pain of making use of this ability. While destroying an opposing resonator is likely the stronger choice of the two, having the option to draw a card if you really need to is also a good option. You never know when you’ll need that one extra draw to turn things around. Valentina, Released Terror works as a kind of technical mid-range sort of J-ruler. She can work as a basic beat stick if she needs to, dealing a good amount of damage, she provides some resource utility with her cost reduction, and even provides some card resource generation or board control with her activated ability.


As previously mentioned, water/darkness cards work a lot around creating Fantasy resonator tokens. But Valentina herself doesn’t actually make them. So what does? Pretty much everything else. Resonators, chants, additions, everything. We’ll only be looking at some resonator ways of generating them today, but we’ll see the other options in the near future. Illusory Projection is a total cost two resonator with 400 ATK and DEF. Not super great stats for the resonator’s cost, but he’s got a very handy ability. When he’s put into a graveyard from your field, he’ll put a 400/400 Fantasy resonator token into your field, making him great for stuff like Adombrali and Valentina’s activated ability. On the defensive side it also makes him that much more annoying, as you could potentially block two threats if you needed to. And if you REALLY want to get into it, you could pull off some interesting offensive combos via Fairy Tale Library, Alexandria. Since the resonator and the token it generates are both Fantasy, you could attack with this resonator, banish it somehow, and then attack with the token for double damage.


Similar to Illusory Projection, we’ve got Illusion Wizard. This cute little spell caster doesn’t even wait until destruction to generate a Fantasy resonator token, she’ll create one as soon as she hits the field, giving you another body to attack with or some nice banish fodder for Valentina (or both!). Her total cost is three, which makes sense. While her ATK/DEF arent’ high on their own, you essentially get 900 ATK and DEF for the cost, since you’ll get a Fantasy resonator, plus her cost can be reduced to only two if you’ve got Valentina on the field as a J-ruler!


Deceptive Dream shows the other side of what water/darkness cards are about; control. We’ve already seen how Valentina provides some control, and her resonators are quite adept at that as well. Deceptive Dream will force your opponent to discard a card when she enters the field, and will let you draw a card when she leaves the field. It makes her a useful card for Valentina, though other decks may not find the card too enticing. Without Valentina, her total cost is four, which is a bit hefty. With Valentina’s cost reduction, the card becomes much more playable. With Valentina you can also use this card as banish fodder, while also getting a draw out of it, making the loss of a resonator that much less painful.


Oh man, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Moojdart. She’s uh, she’s seen better days. She’s clearly been enslaved by some dark and sinister powers. But hey, at least her effects are cool! She’ll hit the field as an 800/800 with Flying for a total cost of four (or three with Valentina!). While as an individual, this card is not anything spectacular, with a Fantasy water/darkness deck, she is a key player. She’ll boost up all other water resonators by +200/+200 and she has a second ability that boosts up all other darkness resonators by +200/+200. Since they’re separate abilities that means water/darkness resonators (including Fantasy tokens) will gain +400/+400, making them incredibly formidable threats. With Moojdart, dropping an Illusion wizard now gives you a 900/900 and an 800/800. Obviously, Moojdart is a big target for your opponent. There’s no way they’ll want it sticking around on your field. Moojdart comes with a way to handle this though, by banishing a Fantasy resonator, she can gain Barrier against all chants until end of turn. Destruction, forced banish, and bounce effects generated via other means can still get her though, but its nice to have protection against the most common way.


Last in today’s lineup is another special magic stone. Like the one we saw before, this one will come into play rested unless you’ve got Valentina as your J/ruler, or you pay 300 life. It counts as both a darkness and water magic stone, so stuff like Prison in the Lunar Lake is easily played with four copies of this and Magic Stone of Dark Depths in your magic stone deck. As you’d expect, Remains of Attoractia can generate both water and darkness magic will, but it can also be rested to pump up a resonator token by +100/+100 until end of turn. Certainly nothing incredible, but a useful little ability to have at your disposal, especially since you can rest the stone to power something up just before your recovery phase.


That’s all for today, but we’re posting new Legacy Lost preview articles every Tuesday and Friday at 3PM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!