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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 13 ~ Magic Stone Reasearch

Alas once again we’ve arrived at the final preview article for another new set. Remaining cards will be shown after the pre-releases this coming weekend, so head to your local one to see the rest of the set and get your hands on some of the new Legacy Lost cards! Today we’re looking mostly at non-resonators cards, though we do have one resonator to look at today. Similarly, most of today’s card’s are wind/darkness dual attribute. So Nine-Tailed Fox players, this one’s for you!


Our first, and only, resonator for today is the long awaited return of another Six Sage, Grusbalesta! We’ve already seen that he’s back in action when we saw the chant card, Tuning of Wind and Darkness, now we get to see what he’s capable of. Total cost three for 600 ATK and DEF isn’t too great, that’s what many strong total cost two resonators are packing. However, as you’ve likely already discerned, Grusbalesta has quite a few abilities. Firstly, Grusbalesta grants all your magic stones Barrier, which will protect them from that pesky Captain Hook, as well as from Bloody Moon or the like if you’re playing Wanderer. Grusbalesta’s somewhat low stats will get buffed by +100/+100 for each magic stone you control with a different name. So even if you’ve only got two differently named magic stones, it puts this resonator at 800/800 which is fairly good for a total cost three resonator. Next is probably the most interesting ability this card has. When Grusbalesta enters the field, you can banish any number of magic stones you like, then put the same number of magic stones from the top of your deck into your field rested. Since they enter the field rested, this doesn’t help ramping. Rather, this ability is best utilized with The Nine Tailed Fox. This ability helps you dig for Killing Stones to use for The Nine Tailed Fox’s ability. Be sure to rest and float any will from magic stones you intend to banish before you use this ability! That will sits around and is totally usable until the end of turn or recovery phase, so it will still be available to you during your main phase, even after the stone is gone! Lastly, this card gains both Swiftness and Precision as long as you control five or more magic stones with a different name. This last one might be a bit difficult to pull off, though perhaps wanderer decks might be able to make it work. Mostly this card is best utilized to protect yourself from a Captain Hook based deck and provide support for The Nine Tailed Fox.


Grusbalesta, like several other characters in Legacy Lost, has his own signature spell, and boy it’s a doozy. Grusbalesta’s Secret Technique is a Quickcast total cost two spell that will turn a magic stone into a 1000/1000 resonator with Swiftness until the end of that turn. Quickcast means this can be used as an emergency block, or you can play this spell before recovery to get an extra attacker on your field to overwhelm your opponent. Two will for 1000 damage to your opponent is pretty good, though of course since this spell makes your magic stone a resonator it can be destroyed like one. Strangely, Killing Stone is one of the best targets for this spell. If anything goes wrong and the stone comes under threat of destruction, just banish it with the Nine-Tailed Fox’s ability to summon a Chimera!


Oh boy now we’re getting into it. Curse of the Kyuubi is a counter spell with a total cost 2+X. The chant will counter a non-resonator spell unless your opponent pays X, so make sure X is higher than they can pay. If that spell is successfully countered, Curse of the Kyuubi will remove that card and all copies of it from its owner’s hand, graveyard, and hand for all other copies of that card and remove them from the game. Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic giving you trouble?  Perhaps you’re opponent is trying to put an Artemis or Laevateinn into the field? Well, this single card will put a stop to every copy your opponent is running!


Here’s something we don’t see all that often, a light attribute spell that has a straight destroy ability. Lumia’s Purification will destroy any rested non-magic stone card, even a J-ruler! Note that this spell cannot destroy Rulers, even if they are rested. As the CR prohibits this unless a card specifically says specifically to “destroy target ruler”. While this chant doesn’t have Quickcast, it does have Remnant, allowing this spell to be played from the graveyard.


The last card of our preview articles, Wetlands of Magical Origin is an addition that can be rested to recover a target magic stone. Since The Nine-Tailed Fox is always banishing stones to summon Chimeras this addition is helpful for keeping your will plentiful. Likely you’ll want to use it in conjunction with other non-magic stone ways of generating will like Sacred Elf, Melfee, and Home of the Sages. The Nine-Tailed fox doesn’t need to have the Chimeras in the actual main deck (they can be summoned from the sideboard) so you’ll want to have will ramp, lots of cheap resonators and possibly token generation cards as banish fodder, as well as plenty of control to stall your opponent and remove their threats.


That’s all for today, but we’re posting the final Legacy Lost preview article on Tuesday at 10 AM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!