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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 12 ~ Blackest Midnight

Happy Thanksgiving, rulers! While nothing can truly compete with some nice turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, we’ve got a little something to make your Thanksgiving even better, more new cards! As the title suggests we’ll be looking at exclusively darkness cards this time around, and that means we finally get so see some more much anticipated vampires! And if we’re talking about vampires in the Lapis cluster then that means…


We’re surely going to be talking about the Mikage family! Yes we’ve got another daughter of Seijuro Mikage to look at today. Yashahime is his first daughter, though this isn’t necessarily the last daughter of his we’ll see. Remember how vampires had this whole thing involving +100/+100 counters? Yashahime does too, except she’s a bit spoiled. When she enters the field she’ll take all +100/+100 counters (including those on your opponent’s J/resonators!) and put them on herself. This is perfect for when your opponent lays down The Seven Dwarves or Snow White of the Crystal Apple, as it will not only net you lots of counters, but also destroy those resonators via rules process! Yashahime isn’t just a token stealing beatstick though, she also has an interesting activated ability! By paying one will and removing a +100/+100 counter from her, you’ll be able to put two +100/+100 counters on another vampire you control. She double’s counters! Not only can this make your resonators more threatening, it helps them maintain high ATK/DEF in the face of Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic and +100/+100 counters are a core part of Vampire decks.


Kumomaru is a 700/700 for a total cost of two, that’s some of the highest power ever seen on a total cost two resonator! But, of course, there’s a hitch. When this servant of Yashahime enters the field, he’ll put two +100/+100 counters on a resonator your opponent controls. That is, however, less of a punishment than one might think though. We’ve already seen that Yashahime steals all +100/+100 counters and puts them onto herself. So play Kumomaru first and then Yashahime to take away the counters Kumomaru gave to your opponent’s card! But that’s not all…


Why not just outright destroy the card with +100/+100 counters! When Yashamaru enters the field, he’ll be able to target and destroy a resonator your opponent controls with +100/+100 on it, making him a great play with Kumomaru. Drop Kumomaru first, put the counters on whatever you want out of the picture, then play Yashamaru and destroy it.


Ever wanted to clear a field full of annoying tokens really quick while also playing a powerful resonator of your own? Oh and also it’s a Dragon? Oh and also its a Twelve Apostle? Enter Dimension Dragon, Nidhogg. This hefty fellow is a total cost six, though he’s a Twelve Apostle so he can be cheated onto the field with Space-Time Pursuer, Lapis. Upon entering the field, Nidhogg will also remove all resonators your opponent controls from the game with the lowest total cost. Not great for targeted removal of high cost threats, more of a late or mid-game crowd controller that can help you take back a field full of pesky low cost threats while also giving you a card with Flying that can get in some good damage.


Here’s an interesting chant. Death at Midnight is a Quickcast that will force your opponent to banish a resonator, and then you’ll put a +100/+100 counter on each J/resonator your opponent controls. Wait, what? It’s not destruction, it’s banishment, so your opponent will get to choose what goes to the graveyard and they get +100/+100 counters? That doesn’t sound too great. At least not until you consider Yashahime and Yashamaru. Remember, Yashahime can steal all your opponent’s +100/+100 counters and this card has Quickcast. Just play it before recovery on your turn and then drop Yashahime. Yashamaru works well with this chant too, force your opponent to banish something, and then play Yashamaru to destroy whatever else you need off the field.


Last for today is the tragic Alhama’at’s Black Lightning. The card is another darkness attribute Ancient Magic chant. It has a total cost of two and the rather unique ability to resist being cancelled. So it can be chased to, but the spell itself cannot be stopped, barring your opponent removing it’s target from the field prematurely. This spell will destroy a non-darkness resonator. On its own that would be alright, the Ancient Magic sub-type certainly makes it scary, should there ever be a J/ruler who can produce darkness will with mana counters. However this chant also has an Awakening cost. By paying a total cost of four and awakening this card it will return to your hand upon resolution, ready to be cast again.


That’s all for today, but we’re posting the final Legacy Lost preview article on Tuesday at 10 AM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!