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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 1 ~ A Glorious Return

Hello once again, rulers! It’s that most fabled time of the year again, spoiler season! After the fantastic success of Curse of the Frozen casket we’re very excited to flush out the Lapis Cluster even more and bring to you more enjoyable mechanics and cards! Legacy Lost prominently features dual attribute cards, and we’ll try to switch up which combination we look at each day! Today we’ll be looking at Light/Wind cards!

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Oh hey, it’s our good pal Glorius. The knight’s made the jump from resonator to ruler! Like all rulers in this set, Glorius is dual attribute. This means the knight’s Energize ability can generate one of two will attributes. If you go second with Glorius, you’ll get a coin that can be banished to generate either one light or one wind will. Be careful to remember that it cannot generate both at the same time, just one or the other. Glorius has a rather standard Judgment, a total cost of three with one light, one wind, and one void. Nothing particularly easy or difficult there. Glorius’ only truly unique ability is one that discards a card with Inheritance (a new type of ability we’ll see in a moment) to draw a card. This hand fixing can be a life saver early game when you need to dig for the key cards your deck needs to set up its field. So once you’ve got three will, and activate Glorius’ Judgment, what does the J-ruler do for you? Well…

It was Faria all along? Well, sort of. If you want to know more about this Faria, look to the upcoming story articles! So when this newly revived Faria enters the field, you’ll be able to put the top card of your magic stone deck into your field, a call back to her SKL J/ruler card, and just a useful ability of course. Once in the field, Faria will allow you to play an Inheritance ability once per turn without paying its cost! (see below for what Inheritance is!) That can be an immense assist to your strategy, essentially allowing you to power up one of your cards for free by a significant margin, depending on the particular Inheritance ability. She’s also got a God’s Art that costs zero will to play. This ability, called Pricia’s Spirit Wind, will grant Faria Barrier until end of turn. Thus, helping to keep her safe from harmful effects. It won’t be able to chase against the ever terrifying Black Moonbeam, of course, so you may want to use the ability during your opponent’s turn before they recover their stones, if you suspect that Faria may be targeted by it.

gone gone the form of man

So obviously Glorius/Faria revolves heavily around your use of Inheritance cards. But what are Inheritance cards? Inheritance is a new ability in Legacy Lost. When a card with Inheritance is in your hand, you may pay the cost listed next to its Inheritance ability, and discard the card to activate its effect. Remember, you can play Inheritance abilities as you would a Quickcast card! So let’s have a look at what this resonator actually does. Beast of Holy Light is a 300/300 for total cost one, fairly standard. However, he’s packing Barrier against fire and darkness, meaning he can’t be targeted by cards or abilities your opponent controls of those attributes. On the field, he can’t do much more than that, so he’s not an ideal first turn play. More likely you’ll want a Sacred Elf, or something else that will help generate some advantage for you on future turns. However, by keeping him in your hand and using the card’s Inheritance, you’ll be able to grant a J/resonator his Barrier against fire and darkness, as well as +300/+300 until end of turn, making this card more versatile and usable than just a plain first turn 300/300.

like gems upon a silver thread above the shadows of his head

Here we have another 300/300 resonator for total cost one, this time it’s the wind attribute Sacred Beast of Wind. While it doesn’t have Barrier, it does have flying (a bird with flying? what new spore of madness is this!?). As you might expect, the Inheritance ability of this card can grant a J/resonator Flying and +300/+300 until end of turn. Flying is particularly nasty, especially because it can be given to a J-ruler. For just one will (or even for free using Faria’s ability) you can easily get an almost guaranteed 1300 damage on your opponent by targeting Faria with this ability. This card is everything that was troublesome about Dreams of Flight rolled in with the option to play it as a straight resonator, should the need arise.

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The last Inheritance card we’ll look at today, though there are many, many more, is Divine Beast of Attoractia. This Divine Beast enters the field at 600 ATK and DEF for a total cost of two, putting him on the higher end of the power curve for that cost. You can discard the card from your hand using its Inheritance ability to give another J/resonator +600/+600 until end of turn, but sadly that’s all it can give. Divine Beast of Attoractia really shines in the field, though. The creature is packing a great automatic ability that will grant it +200/+200 and the ability to steal life from your opponent whenever you play an Inheritance ability. Consider just playing Sacred Beast of Wind’s Inheritance targeting this card. The Divine Beast’s ATK and DEF would rise to 1100 and it would have Flying, making it much harder for your opponent to block the damage (and you’d gain 1100 life too!). All of that for only paying one will (or none if you’ve got Faria out) and discarding the card.

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If you’re planning on using a deck focused on Inheritance, you may be concerned with maintaining a hand. After all, you have to discard cards to play their Inheritance abilities. While there’s already many different draw cards to work from in New Frontiers, Faria’s Summon is a straight search, allowing you to take a resonator from your deck and put it right into your hand! Quickcast is what really makes this card usable. Having to commit to playing this card in your main phase would have been a very undesirable trait. With Quickcast, however, you can drop this card during your draw phase or the like, and then immediately recover your magic stones. Should you play this card during your main phase, it’s not a total loss though. The chant has has a Torrent ability, allowing you to recover a magic stone, essentially reducing this card’s cost to one as long as you played another card this turn.


Our last card for today is a brand new magic stone! Since Legacy Lost focuses so much on dual attribute cards, it’d make sense we have stones that generate two attributes of will, right? You might be scratching your head wondering “Isn’t this the same as the dual stones we got in CFC and the Grimm Cluster?”. Well you’re not entirely wrong. This stone can generate light and wind will, but it can also be rested to power up the new Faria, Ruler of Divine Beasts by +200/+200 until the end of the turn. Think of it like a dual stone with a little extra flavor to it. As a consequence though, you’ll be forced to either play the stone rested or pay 300 life to play it recovered should your J/ruler not be Glorius/Faria.


That’s all for today, but we’re posting new Legacy Lost preview articles every Tuesday and Friday at 3PM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!