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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 11 ~ Charlotte’s Adventures

As the release date of Legacy Lost draws nearer, we pull ever closer to the end of our preview articles (the last one is next Tuesday at 10 AM, if anyone is wondering.). When Attoractia was lost, Charlotte escaped with Kaguya and Alice. Since then she’s been tagging along with Millium and exploring the new world she’s been thrust into. It hasn’t been easy, but she’s beginning to make a new life for herself. Let’s see how she’s been doing!


Let’s not waste any time and get right to the girl herself. She’s made the jump back to an SR resonator, and a very interesting one at that. Like Snow White from last week, she is a total cost four (though she’s water attribute) and has a printed ATK and DEF of zero. However, this resonator will gain 200 ATK and DEF for each card in your hand. Plus, upon entry, this resonator will let you draw a card, so you even replace Charlotte’s spot in your hand! As with most resonators, a big fear is if Charlotte can hold the field long enough to actually get some damage in, well you’ll be happy to know that she’s got Barrier against any card that has a total cost equal to or less than the number of cards in your hand. So as long as you’ve got at least three cards in your hand you’ll be protected against most threats!


And here we have one of the most interesting cards in Legacy Lost, and a great supporting card for the new Valentina ruler! Kind of ironic that it feature’s Charlotte in the illustration. Fishing is a one cost chant that will make you put the top card of your deck into your graveyard. THen you’ll get to put a water/darkness Fantasy resonator token into your field with X00/X00 ATK and DEF where X is the total cost of that card you put into your graveyard. Obviously, in most cases, it’s a bit of a gamble on how strong the token is going to be. However, the real strength is not the power of the token, but rather the kind of token. The fact that this chant makes a water/darkness Fantasy resonator makes it perfect for Valentina decks. The dual attribute means it will get buffs from the new Moojdart resonator, and it’s Fantasy type means it can be banished to protect that very same Moojdart. Additionally, the low cost of this spell, coupled with the rather expendible nature of the token it generates, makes it perfect banish fodder for Valentina’s J-ruler destruction ability.


Did you like Fishing? I hope so, because Jiang Ziya is pretty much the exact same thing, just in resonator form. This card costs a total of three with 700 ATK and DEF, upon entry he’ll set off the exact same effect as Fishing. So essentially, for three will, this card gets you a 700/700 and at least a 100/100 water/darkness fantasy token. If need be you could use just this card and the token from its ability as payment for Valentina’s ability, though it may not be the most optimal choice. Jiang Ziya can help you maintain your field presence, especially if you’re running Moojdart, Lady of Illusions, who will pump up the token this card generates by 400 ATK and DEF.


I’m not crying! Someone just put tears on my pillow! Reunion of Sisters is the last pact chant of Legacy Lost. Though the card costs two water and one void, you’ll need to control both a light J/resonator and another water J/resonator to get both of the effects of this spell. You can choose between drawing two cards, or bouncing a resonator to its owner’s hand. Sadly this spell doesn’t have Quickcast, but if you’ve got the required J/resonators to reap the effects of both options, this card is some pretty good value.


We’re moving to dual attribute water/darkness cards for these last two, which should make future Valentina players pretty happy. Ghost of Attoractia is a fairly weak card for its total cost two. However, should it ever deal damage to your opponent, you’ll draw a card and force your opponent to discard a card. This card won’t be K/Oing your opponent too often, but it will be make getting to that point much easier. Controlling your opponent’s hand can making winning a match far easier.


Lastly we have another very interesting chant card, and a personal favorite of mine. Magic Rebound is a dual attribute, total cost two, Quickcast chant that will change the target of a spell or ability as long as it has a single target. Then it will allow you to draw a card. This card is a lot of fun for control decks. Just imagine turning around a Lightning Strike to win the game, or protecting your resonator from Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic. The fact that the spell let’s you draw a card is just the icing on the cake as well.


That’s all for today, but we’re posting new Legacy Lost preview articles every Tuesday and Friday at 10 AM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!