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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 6 ~ The Pacts

Salutations, rulers! The week is winding down to a close and we’ve got another article full of brand new, exciting cards for you to check out. Today’s article is a bit different, however. In Legacy Lost there are “pact” chants. The term ‘pact’ doesn’t really have any gameplay presence its just a name to identify the type of chants they are. Essentially they’re multi-attribute spells that can do two different things, or both if you have the right attributed resonators. There’s one for each dual attribute match-up in Legacy Lost (plus one extra) so just as a fun little change of pace, we’re gonna look at all of them today!


First up is Rendezvous of Light and Wind. A total cost four chant with Quickcast. Quickcast speed is always nice, but a total cost four for a chant is a little dodgy It’s gonna take something pretty strong to justify that cost. Thankfully the chant delivers. When played you can choose between playing a light or wind resonator with total cost four or less from your hand into your field (remember, this can be at instant speed!) or you may put four +100/+100 counters on every J/resonator you control. Not too shabby. Dropping a resonator via Quickcast isn’t really worth a deck slot on its own, but four +100/+100 counters on all your J/resonators can win you the game if played right. But here’s the kicker. If you’ve got a light J/resonator and a different wind J/resonator (a single J/resonator that is both light and wind does NOT count), you’ll be able to play both these abilities, giving this card way more value! Drop down some total cost four resonator and then beef it up along with all your other cards.


Next is Meeting of Light and Fire. This one also has Quickcast and costs one will less than the previous chant. This one allows you to reveal the top card of your deck and gain 100 times the card’s total cost or reveal a card and deal 100 damage to your opponent times the revealed card’s total cost. And if you haven’t seen the pattern here yet, you’ll be able to use both of these abilities if you control both a fire J/resonator and a light J/resonator. Remember that text is resolved in the order it is printed. So if you were to play both of this spell’s options you’d reveal a card, gain life, take it into your hand, then reveal the next top card of your deck, deal damage, and take that card into your hand. If you’ve got the two required resonators out this spell is actually a +1 to your hand, along with some life gain and damage. Only trick is you don’t know what your top card will be.


Plot of Water and Darkness has the same total cost of the last spell, and Quickcast. With this sinister spell you can choose to destroy a resonator or put a [400/400] water/darkness Fantasy resonator token into your field. Like all the other pacts, you’ll be able to choose both if you’ve got a water J/resonator and another darkness J/resonator. This is a handy card. Since Stoned to Death rotated out of New Frontiers there hasn’t been another card that offers straight for resonators besides Endless Night. While that spell is the same total cost and saps resonators of 200 ATK and DEF, this chant can be more useful depending on the deck. The card’s total cost can be reduced by the new Valentina, while also providing you with a token resonator for you. (giving Valentina some banish fodder for her own destruction ability).


Sympathy of Fire and Water is not a Quickcast card, sadly. But it is a new dual attribute Ancient Magic card. It only costs two will and will give you three will (one fire, one water, one void) for playing it. However the will generated from this spell is only usable for Ancient Magic cards.  You could also choose the card’s second option, which grants a card in your graveyard Remnant until end of turn. While Remnant can be useful in many decks, obviously the spell works best in an Ancient Magic deck, as it helps you ramp up your will even further to lay down one of the big Ancient Magic spells like Summon Time Bomb or Rising From the Depths. Being able to give a chant in your graveyard Remnant is great too, allowing you access to your key spell even if your opponent counters it or removes it from your hand via Nameless Mist or the like.


Tuning of Wind and Darkness costs three will and, regretfully, does not have Quickcast. That’s not to say the spell should be underestimated though, especially for the Nine-Tailed Fox who thrives on stone manipulation. This spell costs only three, but will recover up to four magic stones. You could also choose instead to return a target resonator from your graveyard to your hand. Gaining four will for spending only three is quite useful in any deck, and resonator recovery is quite helpful for Lilias Petal as he is always in need of fresh ingredients to banish for his Chimeras.


Last for today, we actually have a pact card that isn’t dual attribute. It will require two separate darkness resonators to get the full benefits of this spell. It’s like…how much more black could this be? And the answer is none…none more black. Anyway it’s a standard speed two cost chant that will let you either search for a card and put it on top of your deck or draw a card. This one, quite obviously, is advisable to play only when you can choose both of its options, essentially making it a search spell for any one card. Darkness focused decks may find it useful to run one or two copies as a support, but obviously you shouldn’t be relying on four copies of this spell to make your deck work.


That’s all for today, but we’re posting new Legacy Lost preview articles every Tuesday and Friday at 3PM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!