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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 3 ~ Master of the Sun

Greetings once again, rulers! A happy Monday (or Tuesday if you’re in Japan like us!) to you. The early days of the week are never easy, so here’s a brand to set of cards to help get you through it! Today we see another Altean Mana user, Sol. He just so happens to be the one who trained Mercurius and Mars, so he’s sure to have some similar abilities, let’s see what he’s got!

powerofthegods bytheabyss

Okay, I swear not all the rulers in this set have a Judgment cost of three. Sol is a dual attribute fire and water ruler so of course his Judgment costs one of each, though that’s hardly a problem with dual stones and Ruler’s Memoria. Par for the course, he has a dual attribute Energize, so going second will get you a coin that can be banished to produce either one fire will or one water will. Like his students, Sol has the Mana keyword, granting him two mana counters at the start of the game. However, unlike his students, Sol can remove tokens to generate fire or water will with his tokens, granting him easy access to both water and fire ancient magic cards. As you’d expect, his J-ruler side follows much in the same vein as Mercurius and Mars. The Dark Commander of Steam has Mana 5 so he’ll get an extra five mana counters in addition to any that were already on him when he enters the field as a J-ruler. He can also banish his servant Akiot from his hand to get another five mana counters. These abilities are no different from Mars or Mercurius, but the real strength is that even on his J-ruler side, Sol can remove mana counters to generate either fire or water will. However, Sol’s combat prowess is a bit weaker than that of his pupils. Unlike Mercurius and Mars who had 1000 ATK and DEF, and gained a helpful ability if they banished their respective servant demons, Sol enters the field with only 500 ATK and DEF. This puts him well below the standard of most J/rulers. As long as Akiot is removed from game by Sol’s ability, he’ll gain +600/+600, putting him at 1100/1100, but he won’t have any symbol skills, making him little more than a beatstick in combat. As such it’s obviously best to focus on using his dual attribute mana abilities to play lots of ancient magic.


Next we have Sol’s Seven Luminaries Demon, the Runic Commander Demon, Akiot. Now that’s a mouthful. You can remove him from your field as Sol enters the field as a J-ruler to give Sol 600 more ATK and DEF along with five extra mana counters. However, what about if you choose to play the resonator normally? Well when he hits the field, Akiot will give your J/ruler a mana counter, not as nice as getting five, but it can be handy. Once on the field he’s little more than a plain 600/600, though for the cost you could do much worse. But what happens when you want to use Sol’s Judgment and your only Akiot is in the field? Thankfully, the Runic Commander has that covered. Whenever you play a chant you can choose to bounce Akiot right back to your hand, ready to be removed to power up his master. Alternatively, you could bounce him to get him out of harm’s way, or to play him again to gain more mana counters.


So you’ve got Sol in the field, and you’re ready to start using some mana counters. Aside from the cards we saw back in the Lapis Cluster Starter Decks and CFC, what cards can we play with them? Well how about a resonator? Yeah, that’s a first. Twin-Headed dragon is a 1000/1000 resonator with flying for four will. The dragon’s base total cost cannot be paid for with will generated by mana counters. However, the resonator’s two Awakening abilities can. Playing the dragon for a total cost of six is pretty hefty, so being able to pay for both the fire and water Awakening abilities with Sol’s mana counters makes it much more usable. If you pay the fire Awakening ability, the dragon will deal 1000 damage to a resonator upon entry. If you pay the water Awakening ability, you’ll be able to rest up to two resonators and they won’t be able to recover during their controller’s next recovery phase. These two abilities make the Twin-Headed Dragon a useful card for reclaiming control of the field. With Sol you can easily play this card on the fourth or even third turn with both Awakening abilities paid for. Destroy the opponent’s strongest card with the 1000 damage, and incapacitate anything else by resting int. Once that’s done you’ve got a nice 1000/1000 with Flying to start hammering away at your opponent’s life.


But of course it’s not all resonators. What would a ruler with Mana be without some actual Ancient Magic chant cards? Conjure Time Bomb is a very interesting sort of card. For only two will it puts a 100/100 Bomb resonator token into the field. This bomb token explodes at the beginning of your next turn dealing 1000 damage to your opponent and all of their J/resonators. The trouble is, of course, that you’ll need to keep the bomb token alive during your opponent’s turn. Played on the first turn, which is possible with Sol, the token will be hard to stop, but pretty much any turn after that, your opponent will be doing their best to destroy it before it can damage them. That’s where the chant’s Awakening comes in. For an additional cost of three (which can be paid for with mana counters of course) The bomb token will come into play with another ability that will set it to explode at the end of your turn instead of the beginning. This means your opponent won’t even get a turn to try and stop you, it’ll go off at the end of the turn you played he chant. It is also important to note that the bomb token still has the original ability that sets it to explode at the beginning of your turn. So if by some manner, your opponent cancels the end of turn explosion ability, the bomb will still go off at the beginning of your turn.


Now here’s a card Ancient Magic players have been hankering for. Rune of Sol is a handy Quickcast Ancient Magic chant that will let your search out an Ancient Magic card from your deck and put it right into your hand. Quickcast means you can play it just before recovery phase should you have the mana counters or open magic stones available to you. This spell greatly increases the consistency of Seven Luminaries decks. Now you’ll be able to search out Rising From the Depths, Invitation of Disaster, or Conjure Time Bomb whenever you’re ready to play them!


Let’s close it out with another new magic stone. It can generate either fire or water will. However if you don’t have Sol as your J/ruler the card will come into your field rested unless you pay 300 life. Aside from generating two kinds of will, you can pay one void and rest this stone to put a mana counter on your J/ruler. This is a very handy ability for any Seven Luminaries ruler. It shouldn’t be your go to ability for getting mana counters of course, but its a great usage of the stone if you’ve got it and one other will available before your recovery phase.


That’s all for today, but we’re posting new Legacy Lost preview articles every Tuesday and Friday at 3PM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!