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Legacy Lost ~ Preview 10 ~ The Light Palace Strikes Back

Salutations once again, rulers! Today we return to the Light Palace to take a look at more Fairy Tale cards from a myriad of attributes. Remember, all Fairy Tale cards can be paid for with light will if you’re using Millium (or any attribute if you’re playing Grimm in wanderer!). So Fairy Tale players, don’t worry too much about the attribute spread!


Snow White’s back! Seems she’s changed from fire to light attribute in the intervening time. She enters the field at a total cost of four with zero ATK and DEF. Not to worry though, because Snow White will come into the field with two +100/+100 counters for each light magic stone you control. Obviously this works best with decks that are running only light magic stones or stones that count as light magic stones, as you’ll want Snow White to enter the field with as many counters as possible. Should the need arise, Snow White, of the Crystal Apple can grant a +100/+100 counter to other light J/resonators by paying one light will and removing a +100/+100 counter from Snow White. It may also be worth nothing that cards like Charlotte’s Transformation Magic don’t really hurt this card. Sure it’d remove the ability to transfer +100/+100 counters and it’s natural race, (though you could chase to Charlotte’s Transformation Magic with that ability if you needed to.) but beyond that however, the spell would actually make Snow White stronger. The counters will still affect the resonator even after being turned to a bear, so Charlotte’s Transformation Magic essentially just boosts up this card’s ATK by 400.


Well look at that another 0/0 Fairy Tale card. The Seven Dwarves costs three and enters the field with a set number of +100/+100 counters (Seven! Get it?). This resonator can’t transfer its counters, but it prevents all damage that would be dealt to it. However, whenever damage is prevented, you remove a +100/+100 counter from The Seven Dwarves. Remember, removing the counter is NOT a requirement for preventing damage. Unless this card loses the ability, it can never be dealt damage. Removing the counter happens as compulsory result of damage prevention (you can’t choose to not remove a counter), but if you can’t remove a counter, it doesn’t mean that the damage isn’t prevented. Of course is this card has no +100/+100 counters on it it will be destroyed as a result of having zero DEF, but not if you’ve got some kind of other effect increasing its DEF. This card, like Snow White, isn’t really hampered by Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic, though it would lose the ability to stop damage which could prove problematic if your opponent can dish out enough damage to destroy the resonator.


And one more card involving +100/+100 counters for today. Millium’s Weapon is pretty simple. Its a total cost one Quickcast card that will let you put two +100/+100 counters on a J/resonator. Quickcast makes this card much more usable, and being able to put the counters on a J-ruler can also be handy for Fairy Tale decks, as Millium does occasionally use Judgment and get into the fray.


Woah that is some nasty power, too bad he’s going to get destroyed by Charlotte’s Water Transformation magi-Oh wait it has a Barrier ability that protects it from chants. That means only combat damage (good luck going against 1700 ATK and DEF) or an effect can destroy this card, making it much more usable. It’s also packing Precision, just in case you need to take a break from dealing 1700 damage to your opponent’s face and take out their key J/resonator instead. Plus if your opponent happens to be making the mistake of running a dropping a lot of resonators, just use Skyscraper Giant’s activated ability to deal 800 damage to all of them. Be careful though, as this ability will deal damage to your J/resonators if they don’t have Flying. The card’s Fairy Tale race means this card can easily be made Millium’s ace in the hole. The only drawback is, of course, the card’s cost. A total cost of seven is very high. If only there were some way to get this behemoth into your field faster…


Enter Jack, Climbing the Beanstalk. This total cost three card has 800 ATK and DEF, which is alright for the cost. The Fairy Tale resonator also has one ability. When it deals damage to your opponent (take note that it doesn’t have to be damage dealt during battle) you can search your deck for a Skyscraper Giant and put it right into your field.


Last for today is another search card. We’ve already seen Fated Reunion, which costs two and lets you put a card on top of your deck. You also get to draw that card immediately (turning the spell into a straight search) if you control two darkness resonators. For decks that don’t have many darkness resonators, Planting Beans is an alternative. By paying one will you can search your deck for a card and put it into your graveyard. If you pay the card’s Awakening cost of two, you’ll be able to take it from your graveyard into your hand. For the full search out and put into hand effect, this card costs three instead of Fated Reunion’s total cost of two, however this chant requires no resonators and costs wind will which is arguably easier to ramp up than other attributes. Re-animator decks will also love this card as it can easily put your key card into the graveyard at any time, making your re-animation that much easier.


That’s all for today, but we’re posting new Legacy Lost preview articles every Tuesday and Friday at 3PM JST, so be sure to check back soon for more cards! And don’t forget to look for Legacy Lost in stores in December 2016!